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RightClique Hospitality

About Us

RightClique Hospitality

A private limited company registered under the MCA, India in 2015. We are a leading hotel management company that combines the expertise of a highly experienced executive team with an assured excellence in diverse hospitality fields. We offer a wide range of services including Hospitality Management, Hospitality Sales & Marketing, Comprehensive Hospitality Consultancy, Talent Acquisition and Training, Feasibility Project Reporting, Digital Marketing, Hotel & Restaurant Setup, Hospitality Supplies, Specialized Hospitality Photography, Website Development and Content Management.

We are passionate

About making every experience with RightClique Hospitality unique, positive, successful and inspiring. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our guests, associates, investors and the communities where we live and work. We have the right systems in place, incredible offerings in premier locations, and a team of smart, creative and visionary people at all levels.
At RightClique

We encourage

owners to be a part of their hospitality offering and not merely lease out their properties. It is our firm belief that there is a major difference when there is owner involvement and when they are completely uninvolved. The age old saying of “Athithi Devo Bhava” – translated to “Guest Is God” holds true for our offerings as well. Hospitality Establishment Owners for us are an essential piece of our puzzle that forms a great bigger picture worthy of being framed.